House Preparation: For Controlling Spiders and Flies in your Home.

Spiderban NC Ltd. is a registered company and has been operating in Canterbury, NZ for many years. We are dedicated to giving you the best service and safety we possibly can: all our technicians are approved handlers and we want you to understand how to best prepare your home or business before & after we provide our services.

These are important things for you to do to protect you, your family and your pets. They are recommendations from the manufacturers and are to help protect you from any skin irritation or allergies from the product.

If your house is dirty, as in a new subdivision with building dirt or older with lots of webs, it is good to have it washed before we spray. This will help make your house look clean for much longer as there will be no more webs. Please don’t wash your windows until we have been. This can be done 14 days afterwards to allow spiders and insects to pick up the product.

PREGNANCY: If there is someone in the house that is pregnant, the house shouldn’t be sprayed until the pregnancy is at 14 weeks. After that time we recommend the chairs they favour are covered with an old sheet or towels.

KITCHEN: Cover or put away, drink bottles, jug and toaster, paper towels, tissues, chopping boards, coffee makers, salt pigs, coffee , sugar, knife blocks, fruit bowls, medicines, mobile telephones and cell phones, remotes, oil, spice, and cooking utensils etc. Important to cover all the bench surfaces.

LOUNGE: Please cover TV screens, remote controls, computer screen, mouse and keyboard.

CHILDRENS BEDROOMS: Cots and bassinets need to be completely covered to the floor with a sheet. The children toys can be put into the cot or onto bed before covering. Any nappy changing area needs to be covered.

BEDROOMS: We prefer the entire bed to be covered with a sheet. Put away any medicines and if you have a nebulizer under the bed. Make up, shoes, TV screens, necklaces, cameras, jewellery, should all be covered. Dressing gowns removed from behind doors. We do not spray into wardrobes. If you want it done you will have to cover the clothing and shoes accordingly.

BATHROOM: Toilet tissue away, towels, cover weighing scales, tooth brushes, make up, soap, shampoo and body scrubbers, brushes etc, can all be put in bath or sink and covered with a used towel that is going to be washed.

PETS: Birds, cats, and dogs must be out of the house, fish bowls must be covered and the air pump turned off on indoor aquariums. Out door ponds need to be covered if they are close to the house. Dogs & Cats water & food bowls away.

OUTSIDE: On the day we come please don’t have washing drying inside, or on the outside line if we are doing the outside of your home. Please cover any butterfly bushes.

Our Qualified Technician will walk through your home and check before he proceeds.

You must be out of the house for 3-4 hours and on your return please open the house up, as many doors and windows as you can. We would like there to be air movement for 20 min to 30 min. If it is a still day and there is no air movement, please allow house to be open for 45 to 60 min. All the sheets and towels you use can be washed in a load together, separate from other washing.

Please contact us or ask your onsite technician if you have any questions. Thank you!

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