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Proudly serving Christchurch and all of North Canterbury since 1995. Tested in NZ Image

Commercial and Domestic Pest Control Specialists.

Our approved handlers’ business practices meet Labour Department standards for the control of:


  • Flies

  • Spiders & White tails

  • Wasp nests

  • Ants

  • Silverfish

Professional and Helpful Service

Warranty Available

Minimal Time Away from Home

Products Sourced in New Zealand

Canterbury owned and operated


BRILLIANT service! They were sympathetic to my fears of finding nasty things in my home and came as soon as they could. The process of treatment was fast, efficient and well done. Even gave follow up calls to check if I was OK. I will be in their care for many years to come! …the creepy crawlies with all the legs are LONG gone. Thank you all sooooooo much. See you next time.

-Mrs Page, Christchurch.

Thorough Pest Removal

Q: Do all companies use the same products?

No! After trial & error we no longer use the cheap products made overseas. We’ve found certain products made right here in New Zealand to be SAFER and much more EFFECTIVE. There really is a difference!

Q: How long will I have to be out of the house?

Just 3-4 hours! We recommend 4 hours just to be safe, especially when children are in the home.

Q: What do we do with our pets during the treatment?

As far as we’re concerned, your pets are part of the family and should be treated accordingly. Please find them a temporary home for the 4 hour window! (Birds & fish need special consideration…please ask.)

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